The first webtv channel dedicated to italian industry, is born

The first web TV channel to showcase Italian firms, productivity and innovation, giving renewed strength to relations with customers in Europe and around the world.
IndustryTV is a fantastic high-definition voyage exploring Italian export excellence.
IndustryTV’s reports will show you how Italian firms are able to build relationships based on cooperation and trust with clients by ensuring the utmost reliability in countries across the globe.
We will highlight the significant features that make Italian products unique: customisation, strict quality control procedures, after-sales service and the special, uniquely Italian attention to customer requirements.
We will show you the commercial and image benefits that come from purchasing Italian know-how, technology and creativity.
Reports and features produced in the most interesting companies. News and events from the major trade shows.

How IndustryTV is structured

Carlo Mameli Industrial Video Production, established in December 1992, is strongly oriented towards producing videos for businesses.

And so, after years of working to a high standard in factories, workshops and trade shows, the seed was sown for the first themed TV channel dedicated to Italian industry.

The IndustryTV crew is equipped with the latest high-definition technologies and specific systems for filming in industrial environments, in order to ensure excellent results in what are often difficult working conditions. The studio has two post-production suites set up for any editing task and motion graphics.

The whole production and post-production areas are well organised and extremely competitive in conceiving and producing multilanguage company videos, news reports, features, documentaries and advertisements.

IndustryTV’s press office puts out regular communication campaigns targeting businesses in Europe, the United States, China, Brazil, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Our aim is to create direct contact between Italian companies and potential customers throughout the world, through the medium of television, in a highly effective, inexpensive way.

We update businesses through weekly mailings in several languages, in partnership with the most authoritative magazines and important trade shows in the various sectors of industry at the international level.

IndustryTV springs from a team of young, expert, professional people who put their expertise and courteousness at the customer’s disposal.

An excellent team for communication and creativity, capable of maximising the potential of new digital technologies, offering a product of the highest quality, in tune with globalisation and new markets.


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